Help for the Holidays: Autistic Adults and Parents

Thanksgiving is a mere 21 days away. In a normal year, I encourage people to slow down during the holidays, limiting their activities and savoring the ones they choose.

This year, Covid has probably done a lot of the limiting for you. You probably won’t feel the temptation to rush through the season and attend every. single. event.

Feeling Bored, Sad, and Nostalgic: Coping with Autism During the Holidays

In fact, you may even feel bored, sad, and nostalgic for the past. We crave connection, tradition, and normalcy.

For some families, these feelings occur every year. Disabilities and chronic illnesses prevent them from enjoying many of the activities seemingly mandated by social media and the Hallmark channel.

Using Time and Mind Wisely: Strategies for Autism Families

What to do? How do we not just survive but thrive during the holidays?

As I jotted down ideas, I realized they fall into two categories:

1. How we use our time

2. How we use our minds

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing ideas both here and on Instagram for using our time and our minds wisely and creatively. Let’s enjoy the holidays in ways that work for our families, no matter what that looks like. Shall we?

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